Reply to Potty Training- How to start?!

Choices. Don’t be afraid to leave the house. I keep a travel potty, bags, and wipes in my car. Before we get in the car seats, I set them on the potty. When we get out of the car, I set them on the potty. If I know we will be out for a long time hiking or something, I put the potty and supplies in my backpack. Putting on pull ups is sort of a regression because it is a diaper and they are trained from birth to pee and poop in one. You can put puppy pee pads in the car seat. They soak up a lot and keep the seat dry. We don’t use sugar to bribe because for potty, we use a lot of positive reinforcement and a token reward system. It works quite well. I give them tokens and they can purchase special time or extra books with the tokens. Like money. You decide how much something costs. Not material goods like a new time. Extra book at bedtime, a walk to the park. One on one time with mommy. Etc.