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14 month old not walking

Anybody else have a baby that just refuses to walk?? She loves to climb, but she just will not walk. I just don’t want her to fall behind.

  • Sara
    Jul 05

    My little one is 13.5 months and she has walked, but it's very infrequent. She prefers crawling and knee walking. When she does try to walk, she walks like 5 steps and then falls and doesn't really try again. They say some kids don't walk until 18 months, though I think probably by 15 months most kids are walking. Is your baby bearing weight on her legs? Has she ever taken a few steps unassisted? If so then she's probably totally fine just a late walker!

  • Julie
    Jul 05

    Some kids take more time. At 14 months my daughter was just starting to try independent steps. She’s 22 months now and runs/jumps/etc everywhere!!!

  • Jess
    Jul 05

    Our girl just started walking at 14 months. Went from refusing one week to starting to walk across the room (but only if we weren’t watching) haha

  • Connie
    Jul 05

    Our little guy was the same way and we were worried like you. Would walk while holding his hands, but very much preferred to crawl since he was much faster that way. One day he just started walking on his own nonstop. It literally happened overnight (we still joke about it to this day). Don’t worry — as long as she’s willing to try with you holding her, she will do it on her own time when she’s ready/wants to.