Reply to Advice on a large family and dealing with so much negativity!

People tend to talk crap.. its always the NON parents that usually talk like they know everything about having kids. If I'm in the store and my son is bugging out, I get dirty looks! FOR WHAT??? Oh yea... you must not have kids! You must not have experienced terrible toddler times. Therefore give us supermoms all the dirty looks you want. YOUR WORDS CANT HURT US, WE HAVE BABIES, TODDLERS &KIDS!!! WE DEAL WITH SCREAMING TANTRUMS, HITTING, CRYING, POOP AND PUKE! WE ARE NURSES, TAXI CABS, TEACHERS, COOKS, MULTITASKERS... WE ARE MOTHERS! NOBODY STRONGER OR WISER! SO my point is... words shouldnt hurt us. Only birth should have and seeing our babies sick. NOT a strangers opinion because at the end of the day THEY ARE IRRELEVANT.