Reply to 9 year old attitude

My son is finally coming out of the “emo” boohoo stage after 2 long years of hearing it’s a phase I am getting my happy son back. I suggest to stay aware and ask questions seem concerned as you are clearly but don’t let her forget that even if she acts like she hates it give that love because that’s what they want is attention and screaming at them is attention but it’s not the right attention and I did that for the first year because I wasn’t used to the kid he turned into overnight and then I started approaching it very kindly and loving on him and being sensitive to his so called worries or life problems with his gf and it seemed to help for a while we never even said I love you before we left the house and we used to always do that and somehow it got brought to my attention and I felt horrible because I didn’t even notice it but I apologized and started constantly saying it because I was so used to him always saying at first because he was mama’s boy and now he’s some kid that likes to wear black and play crazy music. Now you start to listen to the old music as well again and dressing differently with polo shirts instead of slayer shirt so it is a phase it’s just hard to get through it