Reply to Potty training tips and advice

I’m was in the same situation. I’m expecting twins. My son is 17 months old we started 3 weeks ago and he hasn’t had an accident in two weeks. First before we brought the potty out even I’d let him come to the bathroom with me and my husband. We’d tell him we’re doing pee pee or poo or whatever and let him see then we’d let him flush. Also when he’d poop in his diaper I’d ask him if he did poop and then I’d ask him to tell mommy he did poop and I had him repeat poopie mommy or something like that. Eventually he started telling me when he heard us peeing that mommy or daddy pee pee. Then I noticed he’d say pee pee randomly so I started checking his diaper and noticed every time he said pee pee he was peeing. Once that happened we got a few potty books from the library and read them a hundred times. He really liked the book “ I use the potty “ it says big kid power on it. Then we did the long weekend. We gave him lots to drink and made him go bottomless in the house and watched him for signs he had to go and really listened to him say pee pee. We’d run him to the potty and if a drop got in we praised him and we used the lines from the book. We’d take the pee to the toilet and say “ now we flush” and then “ I’m a big kid” etc etc. We also had a pee pee on the potty success dance which he loved .