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16 months old just wants fruits, bread, crackers and milk. No chicken, veggies, etc. What can I do?

  • Ben
    May 03, 2019

    At least you got the fruit in there. Not eating chicken isn’t such a bad thing. They can eat it at that age, but it’s still a bit difficult for them to like it and digest it. We tried a bunch of different foods to try to open up their tastes. Bell peppers were something that we were able to regularly feed during meal time, because they are a bit sweet. Don’t do the green ones, but the yellow and red worked. Try to sneak things in there that are mixed in something. Like pumpkin purée inside pancake mix.

  • Yanis
    May 03, 2019

    Just keep offering different things, they’re still getting used to new foods. Serve in different shapes and sizes, and also eat what you serve baby. When they see you eating they’re more likely to try new things. Make sure every meal has at least one veggie and fruit even if its just a little piece.

  • Anonymous
    May 03, 2019

    My son has always loved fruit, and hated meat. I usually have to feed the things I want him to eat first, then give him the things I know he will eat. So if I want him to have eggs and fruit , I give him just the eggs, wait until he eats some, then serve the fruit. Same with milk, if you give it first they will fill up on liquid. I would try to give him whatever you are eating if you want him to have variety. It was way easier to serve him a variety of things at 16 months than it is now at 3, he's realized he has a choice! And monitor snacking. If he has just snacked, he won't be hungry enough or interest enough to try new things.

  • Michael
    May 03, 2019

    Does he eat beans or nuts because as long as he gets protein from somewhere it’s okay. It’s okay now but they need the amino acids to develop.

  • Dana
    May 03, 2019

    My son loves he pouches with fruits and veggies in them

  • Brianna
    May 03, 2019

    My son is the same way but I have been successful giving him organic Dino shaped chicken nuggets, cutting veggies with a cookie cutter, and also puréed snack packs with meat or veggies. If you need healthy meal ideas or how to get your LO the nutrients he/she needs, you can follow on Instagram. I’ve learned so much from her!

  • Cathy
    May 04, 2019

    Have you also tried giving her the fork or spoon with the food? She might try to attempt eating more with a utensil. Definitely an age to start trying if you haven’t.

  • Nana
    May 07, 2019

    Cheese, eggs, nut butter s