Reply to Almost 3 Year Old says she does not want to go to swim, dance, school, etc.

We bribe a little, but not with every task; and usually things that we would have done anyway. So "if you're good and go to practice all week, then we will get ice cream this weekend" as an example. I'm sure you do this, but just in case, my kid NEEDS a timer. If he's fully engrossed in whatever activity is going on, then I suddenly say "alright, time to go to karate", he gets upset cause he didn't have time to finish what he wanted to do. So I give a 15 minute notice, 5 minute notice, and then 1 minute. He does much better that way. There's been a few times he didn't want to go karate (he's four), but I still take him and tell him he doesn't need to participate if he doens't want to, but he can still watch and learn. Once he's there for three minutes, he realizes it's much more fun to participate and then enjoys being there. I would also try to figure out if there's a reason for the sudden change. Talk to her and the coach. Is someone suddenly being mean to her that shifted the personality (no likely, but worth exploring). Also giving her the opportunity to change what she's involved with. Ok, cool, you don't want to swim, but we have to finsih this month since we paid, but what do want to do next cause you have to do something, I just want it to be what YOU want to do. Kids no matter the age like having a say in what they do.