Reply to Does anyone have experience using Kiinde pumping/feeding items?

Never used Kiinde bottles or warmer but just reading reviews didn’t buy it. We are using TommyTeepee bottle warmer (very simple and warms milk quick) and bottles steamer, love both. I use Freemie pump with closed system cups (bought directly from Freemie) and can’t even imagine going back to Spectra, which broke down btw. Freemie tiny pump is extremely strong and having both hands free makes a huge difference for me. Just make sure you buy directly from Freemie and not other places, Nuk Freemie bottles leak, they are not good at all. We use Playtex curved bottles, the only ones that helped with burping and spitting. Baby loves them too, she likes Spectra bottles at first but then clearly preferred Playtex, she didn’t like Dr.Brown bottles at all.