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18 month old hates potty


I decided to introduce my 18 month old to the training potty. Not really trying to rush things but with baby number 2 coming in April it would be ok if she showed some interest in the potty. It’s only been a couple days but anytime I try to sit her on it she screams and cries. I know it’s supposed to be a pleasant experience. Does anybody have any suggestions on ways to make the potty seem less scary? Or any other potty training tips would be nice. Thank you!

  • B
    Feb 05, 2019

    Sounds like she’s not ready. I’d leave the potty in your bathroom, and don’t mention it. Mine started to show interest while I was peeing and would sit.

  • Joanna
    Feb 05, 2019

    We were in the same shoes. Before our third joined the family, we tried to introduce our 18 month old potty. Everything went wild. He was screaming and kicking while I was exhausted with 8 month pregnant. I just quit and a few month later. After I had my baby girl, we tried again potty training with our boy. Everything goes well. Of course, we reward him a lot of candies and high-fives. Just wait and believe your kids. Nobody likes to pee and poo in pants, even kids.

  • Elise
    Feb 05, 2019

    One of the tricks I used was to give my baby a special potty train toy. I only give this to him if he agrees to sit properly. He is 15 month old and is able to signal when he needs to pee pee and poo poo. I only need to catch on his signals.

  • Kate
    Feb 05, 2019

    My daughter went through the same phase around the same time. (She’s now 21 months.) I gave it a rest for a couple weeks, then just started being really matter of fact about it: She signs “potty”, I acknowledge it and say, “Ok! Pick out a book, and we’ll go to the potty.” And we go from there. I also stopped making a big deal RIGHT when she’s doing it. We celebrate a little after the fact, like when we’ve finished the book and are cleaning up/flushing. I think there was a little embarrassment happening when I made a big deal during the act, but that’s just my theory.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 06, 2019

    Where do you have the training potty? When I did both my kids, same age, it was in the middle of the playroom. The bathroom can be a little scary. Not sure where it is just throwing that out there