Reply to What are the best first solids to introduce to my 4 month old???

Agree w/ Jennifer. Baby and mama (and parents) know best. Baby led weaning is great and all but for me, I would have never been comfortable trying to feed my daughter a soft solid “whole food” without first knowing if she could handle purée. Also as long as you don’t stick just with purée forever your baby will not have any of the sensory/texture issues people reference. And the whole idea that babies eating purees will be pickier toddlers isn’t true at all. My nephew was strictly EBF and started baby led weaning at 6 months. He’s 3 now and refuses to eat anything but hot dogs, much to the chagrin of my tree hugging, superfood eating SIL. For us, purees were the best way to start. She did great on them and moved smoothly to regular foods, refusing any purée offered by 9/10 months. Also, there’s a lot of studies now showing that earlier and consistent introduction will decrease allergies.