Reply to Should I teach my daughter to fight back?

I'm mother to a boy and I say a resounding yes, encourage her to learn self defense and to advocate for herself. I teach my son about consent and toxic masculinity, but daily I witness how ubiquitously society encourages boys to feel entitled to take what they want from girls without suffering consequences. I see it all around us - in the media, from people around us, even his little friends who are raised by the people around us - so much that I worry my lessons are being drowned out. If my boy ever made the mistake of touching your girl without her consent, he has a huge advantage to get away with it while your girl will have the onus placed on her. Arm her with the skills she needs to navigate a world that would take the attacker's side over hers. As for my son, I love him and want everything for him so he can grow into a fulfilled, decent man of the #metoo era, but if someone leveled accusations of rape or sexual harassment against him, with a heavy heart I will listen to the victim.