Reply to Stranger Danger

My niece just turned 3 and is the same way. & she loves to “adventure.” I am her primary care taker and I struggled with a way to explain stranger danger to her and I finally figured out the perfect way; here’s how. I LOVED Monsters Inc. as a child but was always cautious of “monsters” after I watched it. So, I asked Myleah (my niece) if she wanted to watch my favorite childhood movie for our movie time one day. She of course said yes & we watched Monsters Inc. After the movie she asked me about the monsters & I gave her the Stranger Danger talk & told her the dangers of opening doors to “monsters” (people we don’t know.) I told her if she talks to people we don’t know they are like the monsters from the movie. I explained that they can’t come in the house or hurt her unless she opens the door without an adult & that if we’re out in public and she tries to talk to a stranger they could be a monster. She pretty much stopped completely. She even comes to get someone if someone comes to the door & if someone tries to talk to her in public she looks at us for assurance now.