Reply to Tween honesty issues

I went through a similar problem with my daughter. I say you give her a talk. Gently talk to her and ask her why she’s lying. Refrain from getting angry and keep the tone of the conversation calm. Often children refuse to tell the truth because of trust issues with their parents. Are you too strict on her, or do you put stress on her? In terms of screen time, I verbally remind my daughter to spend more time with us and less on her phone, and though she’s hesitant, she’ll eventually get off and spend time with us so that everyone’s happy. I also give my child her own privacy. While some parents go to the point of reading their kid’s messages, I let my kid do her thing. If I’m suspicious, I causally ask her what she’s doing and sit next to her while she browses her phone. These are just some factors as to why she may be lying and in your view, “not showing remorse”. You have to look at the problem from her point of view. It’ll help your relationship a lot.