Reply to Unique boy names

Add a little twist to some of the names you have seen or heard by changing a letter. For example: Tristan could be spelled Tristyn. Tyler could be spelled Tilor. Add a silent letter in. Teagan can become Teaghan. Take a name you like that has a T in it and rearrange the letters to come up with something else. Please let us know what the name is. Also, sometimes, even with a name in mind, when you deliver and hold for the first time, see their face and a name comes to mind cause they look like someone famous or a friend. My youngest son has the same middle name as my best friend from elementary who passed away early that year. My oldest son was born a few minutes after a man passed away in the same hospital so his middle name is the same as the gentleman who died. What ever name you pick will definitely be the right one cause you have put a lot of thought and love into.