Reply to Slide Etiquette

Once they have mastered the stairs and slide the traditional way, I think climbing up slides is a important skill to learn for a toddler. It’s fun and exciting to explore a playground in a new way. Gives them a safe space to take risks and discover what they are capable of. I’ve seen parents yelling at their kids or threatening to take them home over slide climbing even when nobody was around. I think that’s unnecessary stress for parent and child. However, kindness must come first. Definitely can’t stand it when big kids cut in front of the toddler or when they climb up around them as they try to go down. We tell our kids that if another kid is coming down they can’t go up. But if nobody else is using the slide I have absolutely no problem with them climbing it. I usually just avoid busy playgrounds because kids are often rude to the smaller kids. Or as others said find toddler playgrounds meant for the age.