Reply to Dealing with infertility and friends

I definitely think you need to give her space. It’s hard because sometimes the space makes it harder to rekindle. My twin sister has dealt with fertility issues. She got pregnant right away when then miscarried 6 weeks later and I found out I was pregnant literally the week after her baby would have been due. Initially she felt envious but my anxiety about my pregnancy helped her realize she needed to be there for me. We are best friends and talk every day though so there was no way we wouldn’t get past it. After going to the doctor she discovered her husband had low motility and they have had 3 failed IUI attempts now and have been trying to get pregnant again for about 3 years. She doesn’t go to any church baby showers but generally does ok if it’s a close friend. One of our mutual friends who was a bridesmaid for both of us but went to law school with me has been very standoffish with her since getting pregnant just because my sister told her that her period came the day she told her. Just continue to be a good friend and know that it isn’t about you! Recognizing that you don’t know what to say to make her feel better is helpful. My sister does often say the toughest thing is that people who already have their babies love to tell her about their struggles but she just doesn’t feel like anyone who is still TTC is close friends with her anymore.