Reply to How to start brushing teeth?

First, if you are nursing, don’t stress too much about brushing after. Baby’s teeth aren’t involved in nursing so tooth decay is unlikely just from that (worry more about solids... so brush after their last solids for the day). Even if you bottle feed, its not too terrible if you brush up until last feeding. That is as long as your not giving bottle in bed where baby keeps it in mouth. That’s where problems can arise. My first son was bottle fed. I did brush after his night bottle, but he fed in the middle of the night once or twice for a long time. I didn’t brush during those. He is now three, no cavities. My current 10month old breast feeds during the night too. To brush use a small kids toothbrush, non flouride toothpaste till they turn 1. I brush with toothbrush, then wipe teeth/gums with a wet cloth (This info was given to me by my boys dentist) Oh, and both my boys like brushing! I think starting early, letting them chew/enjoy the feeling of the bristles during teething helps.