Reply to First Disney Trip for 18mo old

Write down what rides your toddler can go on and where the baby centers are (changing tables, breastfeeding rooms, toddler toilets and a small kitchen). Carry snacks and other baby/toddler things with you (you have a backpack and your husband a backpack). If you want to take pictures, get the Maxpass (you get the downloads right away that you can download to your phone or CPU, it stays in that cloud for 90days or so before it disappears). Bring a stroller when your son gets tired of walking or to fall asleep in). If your son doesn't like loud noises bring baby/toddler earphones (fireworks and fantasmic). My whole family and I am a Disney fanatic (usually my parents, siblings and my husband and I go once a year). My husband and I went last summer with our son who was 6months old (he loved it). We took pictures with the characters, saw shows and went on some rides multiple times. Download the Disneyland app (it shows wait times, shows, characters out, all food and map of both parks) also download the Disney play app (it is a game that you and your family can play while standing in line (check out YouTube of ppl playing the app, they explain it to you) your son might like it. My husband and I were playing the game while waiting in line, our son was watching us play. Dont forget to get pins (his first visit and your celebrating) he might like them, I heard some Disney employees give kids stickers while waiting for rides or characters pictures.