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1st birthday


I’m looking for a face painter for my sons first birthday or do you have any other ideas for his birthday I wanted something fun that he could also do with the other kids is face painting a good idea I was going to get a bounce house but then decided not to because he wouldn’t get to play on it anyways I would love some insight he is my fist baby lol so I want it to be special but also something appropriate for his age

  • Laura
    Sep 06, 2019

    Our daughter didn't want to have her face (or even hand) painted at friends' parties when she was 1 or 2. If there are older kids there, sure, get a face painter, but don't count on your kid being into it.

  • Kieli
    Sep 06, 2019

    First birthday parties are fun to celebrate, it’s a huge milestone for sure! But when my daughter turned one, we kept it simple... she didn’t like her cake at all, she liked opening presents and getting snuggles from family, but after about an hour she was ready for a nap. There were no other kids there either so we didn’t plan any activities

  • Jackie
    Sep 07, 2019

    Like the others said. It might be a little much and he might not even be into it. My LO would definitely not have sat still long enough for someone to try to paint her face! It’s a cute idea but I think that’s more appropriate for 3+ as for the bouncy house if your LO isn’t a great walker it’s not gonna be much fun in my opinion. Also, if there are older or more aggressive kids they might tackle or fall all over your LO and possibly hurt him. We kept it simple, we had about 45 people rented a hall and had pizza and cold cut finger sandwiches with some sides. We did some decorations, candy bar for favors and a nice two tier cake. We also got her own little smash cake (local grocery store for cheap money) which she didn’t care too much for. We also didn’t open gifts there’s. I think she got too tired and my MIL ended up taking her home while we finished up. Party was supposed to be 3hrs and only ended up being 2hrs. You’re going to have friends and family there and they are going to want to play and hold him. So I think keeping it simple will be good enough. Wait until year 2 or 3 to do something a little more fun that he can enjoy! picture of my LO enjoying playing with a balloon and the string.. sometimes that’s all it takes!! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂