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1st time Daycare for 13 mos old


Unfortunately, I’ll be placing my 13 mos old babygirl in daycare in a few weeks. With all the scary stories about daycares, I was skeptical. But with no help, I don’t have a choice. Any good advice or tips to help an anxious mommy?

  • Jasmine
    May 26

    Look for a daycare that has cameras, and pay attention to how the staff act when you’re there and with other parents. Look into the curriculum that they teach, what meals they offer, field trips, outside time, what they have for the toddlers to do, etc.

  • Anonymous
    May 26

    Awesome! Thank you so much :0) my number #1 worry was the staff and I’ve been to several daycares and I quickly disliked them BECAUSE of the staff.