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1st time mom needing ideas please


Hello! 1st time mom looking for some ideas on my 2 year old. We go to sleep at 7pm and wake up between 8am and 9am, usually closer to 9! Is this normal? I feel very lucky but dad feels bedtime is too early. We may nap around noon or 1 depending on days activities. Since we sleep so late and live an hour away from any play groups/ activities my son and I hang out all day. Again super lucky. But i feel he needs socialization. Should I wake him up early one day a week so we can go to a playgroup? Thanks for any ideas!

  • Suzy
    Apr 15

    Never wake a sleeping baby! I’m a SAHM too and I often feel like our daughter doesn’t get enough social interaction. Look into your local library, they offer an array of things for small children to do in groups. Museums often have a weekend or two a month they offer kid crafts or something. Play dates are always a great social tool also.

  • Cathy
    Apr 15

    Also check out

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 15

    Ummm, that’s up to you but I would just keep feeling lucky and roll with it, ha!! My 20 month old has an 8pm bedtime but she tossed and turns and doesn’t actually fall asleep till 9. Then she’s up by 6...if I’m realllllly lucky, she sleeps till 6:30, and on some rare occasions (about once every other month) she sleeps till 7. On September 19, 2018 she slept till 8. I know because I wrote it in my calendar. Hahaha. So if I were you I’d let your little one sleep!!!! There must be other things you guys can do locally in the mid morning or early afternoons like library events or maybe mommy and me type things?? I’d keep looking and soak up those extra hours in the meantime!!! And don’t listen to your husband, hahaha:).

  • PK
    Apr 15

    Can you try to start your own playgroup that’s closer to your neighborhood? Maybe keep going to a local park and see if you bump into any other parents and kids and try to exchange numbers so you can continue to meet up. Check Facebook groups, the meetup app... there’s also the peanut app which is like a tinder for moms. Find some parents closer to you to meet up with. But you are all so lucky!! My son doesn’t actually fall asleep until between 8-830 pm and he’s been waking up around 630 am. He used to wake up around 730. Sleep is so good for our growing kids!!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 15

    Money is a big thing on this one, but my 18 month old thrives with playing w other kiddos and dancing/playing:/running...... all of the above! I got a part time job and work 4 hours a week and he goes to “school” 11:30-3:00. He gets to play outside have lunch and have a nap all while I make some bonus cash and socialize my damn self! BESTTTTTT decision ever

  • Kieli
    Apr 15

    I would definitely try to take him every once in a while if you can! I feel kids needs the socializing, to learn how to play with others and how to make friends. Like others have said, try a library that is close to you. If I had a vehicle during the day I would totally take my daughter to the local library for story time. Luckily, we recently moved and our neighbors have kids that love my daughter, so she gets to play a couple days a week usually