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2 year old doesnt eat anything


My son turned 2 this August and i am worried as he doesnt eat anything sometimes whole day. Also he keeps coming to me to breastfeed and if denied screams at the top of his voice. We are having difficulty explaining to him that this is lunch/ dinner time and that he has to eat. Any suggestions on how to discipline toddlers.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 29, 2019

    I don’t think discipline is the answer. It isn’t a thing tied to the problem. I think you need to cold turkey cut off breastfeeding. And then when he’s hungry he will eat. Try offering healthy snacks he likes throughout the day if you want. But the one thing I’ve learned is that you will always loose a power struggle with a toddler

  • Jennie
    Nov 01, 2019

    I've breastfed 4 children into toddlerhood (so far... I have a newborn) and one thing I'll say about toddler nursing is that it's ok to set boundaries. It's ok to say "No milkies right now, would you like a ???" If it's a snuggle because he's hurt or sad... a cup of water because he's thirsty etc. You can even have set times... like "we have milkies at nap time, not right now". And if you have a "nursing spot" don't sit there unless you want to nurse. He's screaming when you say no because that's what 2 year olds do. I usually stick with a calm "I know you're mad but it's not ok to yell". Just calmly repeat that and let him continue to yell without any reaction from you. It takes time to teach them that behavior isn't effective but it works. As far as eating, at that age a few tips... 1) be sure you're not letting him snack on junk. Don't let him graze on snack foods. It's easy to just hand them cheerios and goldfish while shopping, etc. Try not to do that. 2) have set snack and meal times and don't eat at other times. Try to have healthy snacks so if he skips a meal he's getting nutrition. Freeze dried fruits and veggies, low sugar whole milk yogurt, cheese sticks, sliced turkey, fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies are all good and quick. 3) make sure they're tiny portions... I also find that tiny cut up food works better than big for some reason. So instead of a cheese stick, cut it into smaller cubes. Give him a variety of whatever you're eating plus 1 or 2 things you know he'll eat. . So say it's taco night... you give him a tablespoon of ground beef, a pinch of shredded cheese, a bit of chopped tomato and avocado plus maybe a bit of fruit or yogurt. Don't worry if it's not a ton. He'll eat if he's hungry... but being consistent helps him know food is available now, not all day.

  • Abigail
    Nov 05, 2019

    If he’s not eating solids at all, it could be for many reasons but you need to call early intervention and ask for an occupational therapist or feeding specialist. Especially if he used to eat solids and stopped.

  • Mimi
    Dec 28, 2019

    I would look at this IG account for help.