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2 year old not eating!


When my son turned 6 months I started solids, and it went great. He would eat almost everything I gave him. At about 15 months he totally stopped eating everything I gave him and started eating only yogurt. Since then yogurt its all he eats, everything else he gags, pushes it away, or starts crying. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough for him to try eating again IDK. I thought he had SPD since he pretty much had most symptoms so I contacted Early Intervention and they evaluated him and he seemed to be great so he didn’t qualify for a therapist. I’ve been trying to think if there was a change or something that made him stopped and well me and his father were at a very bad path we used to argue a lot there was a bad fight at some point when he was around that age. Not sure if that could be it? Anybody know? Please I need advice.

  • Samantha
    Nov 28, 2018

    My advice is. Toddlers are weird. Mine went through a yogurt phase as well. Just keep offering. If you are worried about nutrition talk to your doctor. Mine told me to use pediasure to make sure he is getting the nutrition he needs. He is now eating lots better though.

  • Angela
    Nov 28, 2018

    My two year old went through this too, turned out that she was having gut issues. Maybe have her stool tested to see if there’s bacterial overgrowth causing tummy troubles.

  • Kelly
    Nov 28, 2018

    I second Samantha.....toddlers are just really really odd ducks. They will routinely love something they previously hated and hate something they previously loved for absolutely NO reason and you’ll drive yourself nuts trying to understand them. Just keep offering lots and lots of different foods, and start to reduce the amount of yogurt you do give him......eventually he will find something else to fall in love with. If you’re concerned about him getting enough nutrition talk with your ped about supplementing while he’s in the “yogurt is my only love” stage.

  • Fay
    Nov 29, 2018

    My toddler did the same thing- one day she just decided to stopped eating!!! She was losing weight!! It was so scary and frustrating. She only took yogurt and yogurt smoothies. I started adding some oatmeal in the smoothie and some purée fruits/veggies. It worked 🙏. Try Orgain Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shake - it really helped her gain some weight.

  • Renata
    Nov 29, 2018

    My son did the same at the same age. It started when he got sick. Since then...No soups, fish, meat, most dairy, etc. he is now 4 and there are very few things he will eat. I gave up and with the doctors and child psychologist recommendation, feed whatever he still likes and hopefully he will outgrow it.