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2 year old not talking


My 2 year old is not talking. He has this minion babble that he does. He does not have more then 3 or 4 words that he says but never consistently. This has be worried as everyone in his class is already talking.

  • Lee
    Sep 12, 2018

    I don’t think your son has a problem. My daughter had a very similar babble at the age and used only certain words and not always in the right way. I was given an option to skip pre-k and kindergarten all together and have her in 1st grade at age 4. I say that to say, don’t underestimate the little man. Talk to him daily and clearly and read to and with him. It’ll encourage him to show off his actual skills. He very well may surprise you. Addy sure as heck surprised me 😂

  • Katie
    Sep 12, 2018

    My 21 month old only says “pup” or repeats it like “puppuppup” (for puppy) or “bun” (for bunny). He says mom sometimes, usually only if i ignore him when he wants something or wants to give me something. He said “cookie” twice (couple months ago) and occasionally says “pop pop pop” (for bubbles)...

  • Bee
    Sep 13, 2018

    My son was the same the doctor recommended to put him in speech therapy. Because he had a speech delay. If you are In California check out the regional center

  • Kimberly
    Sep 13, 2018

    I have a niece who was 2 and was still not talking my 1 year old talk more than her but as she started going to daycare she has been more verbal so I would say surround your toddler with other toddlers and also just talk to him and communicate with him even though he cannot fully communicate with you. I also have this other niece that wasn't talking much and she was 2 as well and they took her to a speech therapy just to find out she just had speech delay and thankfully with speech therapy she has been able to now communicate as well as any child her age and shes now 3 so be patient and if you have concerns definitely talk to your pediatrician.

  • Jenny
    Sep 15, 2018

    My son just turned 3 last August 26th, he wasn’t talking at 2 either, his doctor recommended early intervention, we had a speech therapist coming once a week... I used to read to him, still does, count, teach him colors and shapes, he used to just look... Then all of a sudden came to me and literally could name things, animals, know his colors, letters, numbers, shapes, I was so excited I started showing him random flash cards!! But still couldn’t form a sentence. He doesn’t know how to say what he wants or have a conversation. But he would be playing and talking to himself. He just started preschool, because it was recommended that he still need some help. It’s the second week and I noticed he’s already talking more. I bring with other kids is helping... Bottom line, I shouldn’t worry that much, I knew he was going to be fine.

  • Lindsay
    Sep 25, 2018

    Hey Rae! I am a speech therapist and a mom. I work with children your son's age. I would say get an assessment. That way whatever the "problem" is, whether it be lack of access to other peers, a speech delay, or whatever, they can determine what it is so you don't have to worry. I wish there was an easier way to figure out what's going on with your child on your own, but sometimes we have to rely on our specialists to help. Good luck!

  • Tyson
    Jul 14, 2019

    Our son is almost 21 months old. He is healthy, active and understands what you are telling him, however, he does not really talk. Every now and again, he might say a letter sound or repeat a letter, but no sentences and no consistency. Of course, we are worried. He does not repeat his name, but he answers to it by knowing you called it. He does say any body parts, but he seems to be aware of where they are. He just looks and smiles, but says nothing. He is active, he smiles, he runs about, he knows how to navigate through a phone. He knows how to fiddle with the TV remote. He connects his blocks and seems to be well aware of how to figure things out, but not talking. Instead of asking for something, he will bring you to it, pull your hand to pick him up or bring it to you. I am just wondering it he will just up and start talking one day or is this sign of a problem?

  • Tyson
    Jul 14, 2019

    Oh, we also notice he has a rather short attention span. Hard to keep him still to just read a book to him. He is always ready to bolt and go do something else.

  • Shay
    Jul 30, 2019

    Tyson that is my son 100 percent. What helped you guys with his speech

  • Scholar
    Sep 18, 2019

    My son 2 years 4 months now but not talking only few words like bye bye. So worried as a parent

  • Bria
    Oct 02, 2019

    Good to know I’m not alone. Tyson, my son does the exact same things your son does. He brings me what he wants , he will pull my hand to take me where he wants to go. He knows how to use devices very well such as the phone , remote , etc . He uses the potty . When asks does he needs to use the potty he sometimes says yes . He’s very active and enjoys being around other kids . He sometimes can say numbers but sometimes I can’t tell if he’s saying his numbers or if I’m hearing things lol I’m so confused . He does listen well and can point to my face parts but he won’t say them . I can sometimes, maybe sometimes get him to say “eyes”. It seems like he’s picking up very slowly . He’s 2 1/2.

  • Bria
    Oct 02, 2019

    Tyson, is your son a picky eater or only will eat the same foods over and over?

  • Caridad McRae
    Oct 08, 2019

    Hi Rae - I notices this was posted a year ago. My son is the same way. He completely sounds like a Minion. Its cute but I'm also a little worried. I did have him assessed at a year and 1/2. Which they determined he had a speech delay. Subsequently, however, he also had to have surgery for tubes. He was experiencing low tone hearing loss because of constant ear infections.... With this I am hesitant to just think he needs speech therapy because someone says he does. I want to give him a chance to learn. I work in the Medical field - my Nurses tell me give him time. My Daycare provider also says he will catch up. However, in your experience and expertise what helped your son develop his language and talk? How old was he? Did you seek out speech therapy? I send this question to all other Mommies & Dad's who also experienced the same thing with their precious little human. I am very intrested in hearing the real world prospective and not all these assumptions. Thanks for reading and your shared thoughts - Caridad

  • Caridad McRae
    Oct 08, 2019

    Also sorry for spelling & grammatical errors. I'm totally typing this on a phone

  • Susana M.
    Dec 02

    My son just turned 2 in November and he isn’t talking at all . He makes animals sounds when i ask him which sounds they make , he understands everything i say and ask him to do, he loves music and dancing but no talking just points at things and makes a hum sound. I am worried and they did recommend to take him to a speech therapist and I also want to get his hearing checked although I don’t think he has a problem hearing. Glad to know I’m not alone but it is very worrisome . Supposedly his dad didn’t speak until he was 3 I was told by a family member because he’s not in the picture. Praying all of our babies start speaking soon!

  • Daniel
    Dec 05

    My son will be 2 in January. He hasn’t really said any real words yet. He will sometimes make sounds with his mouth closed. The time between 8 months and now, He has said a few words like Mama, dada, caca, etc but for only a few days and that’s it. The only time he tries to say some or when I think he will start talking is when he is mad or when he sounds like he is trying to talk back. He did start walking late at 18 months but was cruising the furniture at 11 months. He walked perfect when he started walking. Perfect balance, never falling and now walks from heel to toe. I am wondering if he just doesn’t feel like talking because he feels like he doesn’t need to. We always talk to him and read to him. Every now and then he will look at our mouths and move his. He is a very careful child, he never gets hurt because he is always aware of his surrounds and assesses any potential danger. It’s actually funny to see him like that. He is smart and is good with puzzles and is a good problem solver when it comes to getting some thing that he wants. He is also a great manipulator. My mom told me that at his age, I would never talk and I would never look at people when they would talk to me. I do remember before I was 2 years old, some teenagers gave me a cookie and my mom told me to say thank you so I know that I understood people. Supposedly my first words were a sentence and it came out of nowhere when I was mad and tried to snitch on my sister. I’m hoping my son is just taking after me.

  • Ashley
    Dec 09

    My son has just turned 2 years old and he wasn’t talking at all like maybe 5 words and I just assumed he didn’t want to learn because everytime I tried he would never look at my lips when I talked to him or tried to show him a new word but my friend suggested I try this online learning program that has a ton of mouthing and it teaches kids how to read very fast and I was skeptical but my baby went from knowing 5 words to 50 words in about 2 months! Now he reads books all by himself !! If anyone wants to try it here it is

  • Lestat
    Jan 06

    My daughter will turn 3 this march 2020 and she's still not talking at all. Whenever she needed something she will grab my hand or her mother's hand and point it to what she wanted is to so , like openning the door, getting water etc. And she's also not responding much whenever we call her name. Me and my wife are already worried and some folks are already telling us to bring her to a speech theraphist and have her checked. We often talk to her and read her books but still nothing seems to work. What can we possibly do to help her to start talking.