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2 year old tantrum

What do you do when you pick your child up from daycare and the first thing they say is”I don’t want mommy!” Then proceed to say that and throw a tantrum as if I was abusing the kid. How do I handle a situation like this with everyone judging me and no reason for my kid to act this way?

  • Russell
    Mar 20

    There are no terrible twos all are doing is mimicking behavior and trying out new behaviors. It’s up to us parents to model calm cool and collected behaviors and to allow them they’re learning space. If there’s a problem at the daycare that may be adding to these behaviors that are not usual

  • MsPallavi
    Apr 25

    I think the school should do a better job at transitions, also what is your child hearing at school? 2 year olds are all about the moment so maybe he just doesn't wanna leave. " I understand that you may not want to leave school right now because its so fun with your teachers and friends. Will you show me around the classroom on what you did? and then in 5 minute we can leave" Set a consistency activity that you do with you child while picking him up so that there is predictability .