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2 year toddler starts screaming if denied anything.


My son is 2 year old. I am having problems in telling him " NO". He would just start screaming and throw tantrums, sometimes he would bang his head on floor and tries to hurt himself. I am not sure how do we handle these situations as it becomes really embrassing in front of others and most importantly i feel that as a parent its my duty to inculcate good habits but he doesnt listen. would be happy to hear a way out to resolve this.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24, 2019

    Hmmm maybe avoid the word no? “Can I have a snack” reply- “in 20 minutes we’ll have a snack, let’s grab a book for now” “can we go to the park” reply- “it’s too hot right now, maybe we can have a popsicle on the patio instead!” just try and say no in a different way..... WITH explanation. Imagine someone telling you no all day long to something you love! Kids understand so much more than we think! Just try to give other options if you can.

  • Triny
    Sep 25, 2019

    I agree, distracting mine with something else will get her over it. A lot of times though i did ignore her 🙄 and she will get over it too. Sometimes the arguing with them will make it worse. She never bang her head on a wall thou 😳

  • Yanis
    Sep 26, 2019

    Ugh my daughter used to do this. It’s so dangerous. Now that she is able to talk more she has stopped; but honestly nothing I did got her to stop. I tried ignoring her, trying to talk to her etc. Nothing worked. If you can, try putting his feelings into words and I agree with previous posts distract him.

  • Yanis
    Sep 26, 2019

    My daughter didn’t do the wall but she’d throw herself back wherever she was. Usually on the floor.

  • Brie
    Nov 22

    My son would throw himself on the floor and I was always terrified he would hurt himself. If redirecting doesn’t work - which, let’s be honest, sometimes it just doesn’t - I have found myself offering other things like a hug, or a little cuddle. If you’re in front of other people, take him around the corner or a few feet away where you can get on his level and have a one on one. Just keep talking to him, calmly and comfortingly, even when you’re not feeling that way on the inside. I also do timeouts, short 2 minute, but I start the time over if they get up. Sometimes they need a minute to work through their emotions and it gives you a couple minutes to regroup as well. Hope this helps!