2 yr old hyperactive post bath and into bedtime

My son used to be a dream to put to bed. Enter terrible twos. Getting him upstairs for a bath is fine but when we take him out, chaos ensues. He hates getting dried off so we tried to let him do it himself. That really doesn’t work. He also hates getting his diaper on or getting dressed and runs around the bathroom in a hyper state. Story time used to be a dream as well and he would sit on our lap. Now he won’t sit still. We haven’t changed his bedtime and we always stick to a routine and even when we have done an earlier bedtime thinking he was overtired, it still doesn’t solve the problem. Any suggestions??!!

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 31

    My daughter is 2.5 and she is now the same way. All I can do is give her an earlier bath and let her run around for 10-15 minutes before I start the dressing into pajamas and bedtime routine. It seems to help but sometimes she still acts crazy lol.

  • Diana
    Jan 31

    I bought a few plastic hourglass sand timers and will turn one (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min) to let my child know how long she has to do each stage of getting ready. If she completes the task - great! If she doesn’t, uh oh - we had time for 5 books, now we can only read 4... Once we’re in bed - I let her bounce all around as I’m reading, but if she gets out of bed (her foot touches the floor) then the light goes out and we’re done reading. This approach might not be the best for everyone - she HATES those timers, and some nights are spent with her cry-whining through the 2 books about how she wanted more, and she doesn’t even listen to the ones I’m reading.... but it’s worked well for us in the long run (we no longer use the timers, but I’ll still tell her if she takes too long, that means less time to read / snuggle)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 31

    I sigh at this post...... I feel like there’s not hope for the terrible twos 😂 But really, I think the only thing that helps is being stern about it. Kinda how Diana was saying, they have to do things for us, and in return we will do things for them. “Seems like you’re rather run around in the bathroom instead of reading books tonight. That’s fine! We will go right to bed once we’re done here”. That’s all that seems to work for my 2 year old. Good luck! This too shall pass...... (I hope)

  • Rob
    Jan 31

    I have my child play with sensory toys after a bath. I say we can do this activity. First bath and then “playdoh” or bubbles... something that they can look forward to after bath that they like to do.

  • Nicole
    Jan 31

    Thanks all. I also find my son tends to behave so much better when I am doing bath time and bedtime solo. When my husband is around he gets so hyper. I have used a timer too to come out of the bath so will do that for books and bedtime too.

  • Tiana
    Feb 01

    We have a magnetic pecs board, and he is part of making a plan for the day/ evening. We slide the activities off the board as we complete them. I’m not sure why it works SO well. He slide off the last icon, “brush teeth” and go back to look at the remaining one, “bed time” and will simply say, “bedtime!!” All excited, when we had (sometimes an hour) of whining, wall kicking, screaming, running around etc. I think the pics help him to regulate his expectations and the pictures put concrete actions to a picture cue. They have pecs boards on Amazon. They’re a little pricey, but $45 is worth a drama free bed time! We use it for preschool drop off planning too. “Ok we got up, what’s next? Go potty, and then we get dressed. What’s next?