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2 yr old refusing dinner

My 2 yo is an extremely picky eater and mealtimes are always hard but dinnertime was usually the easiest. Lately she has been refusing to eat any of the meal I prepare for dinner. I don't want to get in the habit of making a second meal just for her, i usually always make something i know she normally likes. Any tips on getting her to eat what i make? She is very stubborn and sometimes just won't eat. Im trying to discourage bad habits from forming. Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous
    Aug 23, 2019

    If you are on Instagram follow @mamaknowsnutrition she gives a lot of good meal ideas, portion sizes, and how to help your kid have a healthy relationship with food. Limit snacks, offer what you want her to eat and don't give in to treats or rewards. Also don't offer juice or milk with or before a meal because they will fill up on it. And if you don't offer new things or things she may not 'like' she will never have a chance to try them, she will just keep on not 'liking' it.