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20 month old gagging herself!?!


My daughter has been intentionally gagging herself with fingers in her throat for a few weeks. It’s kind of freaking me out. I know with a million percent certainty that she didn’t see this behavior and isn’t mimicking. She just started doing it. I get worried and kind of yell when she does it and then she laughs and does it again. I try to ignore her but I’m afraid she will induce vomiting. Any suggestions!?! I’m worried.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    May 12

    She’s experimenting. Probably the number one thing to remember with kids under the age of maybe 5, is that most of their weird and dangerous behavior is either experiments or inability to express an emotion with words. Gagging is definitely a phase my toddlers went through. Reacting loudly though, as scary as it is for ya, only makes them want to see if you’ll react again when they do it again. So ignoring it, and maybe occasionally explaining why she might not want to do it (she could throw up, hurt herself, and calming telling her it scares you, things like that) will help over time. But eventually if you make it boring, it will be boring and she will stop. :) kids are so weird. But it’s awesome.

  • Anonymous
    May 12

    Thank you!!!

  • Krystal
    May 13

    My daughter used to gag and make herself vomit at that age... then she'd laugh. Of course it used to bother me too. She stopped before age 2.. so it was just a phase.

  • Jennifer
    May 13

    My son kinda did this for a bit around that age. Must be developmental