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20 months old poops through the day


He has no issues with his BMs. He just goes in installments throughout the day. Usually 3-4 times, rarely upto 5-6, starting from after breakfast till evening. Im not worried but just wondering if its normal. These days he even tells me when his diaper is soiled and i take him and clean him. Is he uncomfortable to do it in tue diaper and going in parts? Can he control that. Looks like he is ready for potty training.

  • Amy
    Jun 20

    My son is almost 21 months and has at least 2 poops a day, one in the morning and another closer to evening. There are times he does do it in parts, but I haven't really worried. The only concern I'd have is if the poop has blood or it's diarrhea, or he has less wet diapers or other signs of possible dehydration. These are things I always hear from the doctor to look out for especially if my son is sick.

  • Kendall
    Jun 20

    My son is 19 months and poops probably 3-5 times a day. Same thing, I don’t think they are full poops..... don’t know an answer but mine does the same lol sometimes I think I just need to wait to change him, like he isn’t done yet, but he gets rashes easily if not changed right away and like you said, he’ll tell me he needs a change..... hm

  • Liza M.
    Jun 20

    Not an expert by any means-just have learned that when it comes to pooping, kids are as different as they come. My LO poops once a day. Sometimes every other day, but never seems to struggle! Some of us are born with very efficient guts others need a little extra time. If you are concerned at all ask his doc. Everyone poops!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 20

    I'll bring it up at his 2 yr appointment. Just to be sure.

  • anonymous mom
    Jun 21

    I think that anything is normal. As long as he’s not constipated or his BMs aren’t bloody or too loose, most any number of poops per day is okay as long as it’s more or less consistent. My daughter mostly poops 1-2x/day. Sometimes 3x, and if she poops 3x in a day it’s not uncommon for her to not poop at all the day after, or just once. Edit: my daughter is mostly potty trained and she’s 21 months. We started slowly at 20 months just introducing it so your LO May be ready too!!