Reply to Best time to start trying for a baby?

The only thing I can add to the advice you’ve already gotten, is make sure your mental health is taken care of before trying and think about how many you want. Every couple knows their right time, I’m 28 and my boy is turning 4 months this week. We only wanted one child and last year turned out to be the right time for us to try and I wasn’t afraid of being too old for my child down the line. You have to think about how many you want because it might not be wise for you to wait until you’re 30 and then decide you always wanted 3 kids. Now as to your mental health, a baby takes a huge toll on you. Trying is hard if it takes a while to get pregnant and as couple you have to deal with that together. And you can plan to have a certain amount of money saved up and a certain housing situation, but aside from that with a pregnancy and newborn most of your plans can go out the window. Again knowing how to take that in stride and not freak out every time something doesn’t go like you thought is going to be what saves you during those first few weeks or months. This is beside the possibility of PPD, that’s another ball game. Your own maturity when you think about how you handle stress can be a big indicator of your readiness.