Reply to Picky Eater

What kind of snacks is he eating? If you are leaving food out all the time then he has no reason to be hungry at meal times. If you stick to serving the same meals to him and don't offer new foods here will never try new things because he won't have the chance. For about a month now I've been putting 1 or 2 carrots in my 3 yo lunch box once in a while. It has always been there uneaten when he gets home. Until last night he ate one! Then again today 1 carrot is missing from his lunch! I never pressured him to eat it, I never talked about how carrots are healthy. But after repeatedly seeing it he decided to try it. If you are on Instagram, look at @mamaknowsnutrition. She is a nutritionist who has a lot of great tips on feeding toddlers, and she has even posted a checklist of behaviors so you can decide if your child is truly a picky eater, needs help with nutrition, or just needs more variety to spark his interest. And if my pediatrician told me it's fine to only eat bland processed carbs and nothing else I'd be getting a new doctor. I'd gain weight too if that's all I ate.