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22 m/o in hitting phase


My wife and I have a 22 month old and a week old infant. Our 22 month old has been acting out and is in a hitting phase. She’s making me feel absolutely crazy, where I am starting to feel instant anger. I want to be the best parent I can be, but the overwhelming negative feelings are getting more intense every day. Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 16

    Oh that is SO my life!! I am sooooo fed up with the hitting 😩 honestly I’m over it, and I ignore the hitting.... he likes the attention he gets out of it.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 16

    Although this is normal for her age, I'm sure the new sibling is making it worse. Keep reinforcing "hands are for clapping, not for hitting" or something like that, and although you don't want to give the bad behavior more attention, she may just need some one on one time with Mommy or daddy because EVERYTHING in her life has been changed. After I had my 2nd we made a point to keep my oldest busy by going out on special outings with Daddy. I think it helped to reinforce that we still loved him and hadn't forgotten about him.

  • Liz
    Sep 16

    Little ones don’t have the emotional maturity yet to know that saying “no” or making it known what they did was bad is different from they themselves are bad (vs what they did). Just be wary of this in what reaction you have because it can perpetuate problems. Try to notice the emotion behind when they do the action they shouldn’t do and try to find an alternative outlet. Toddlers bite and hit for a number of reasons- if it’s to get your attention then what they’re seeking is a connection with someone. Hope that helps.

  • Rebecca
    Sep 18

    My life. My older was fine until the newborn came. It’s a hard adjustment and takes time. Sorry.

  • Genesis
    Sep 19

    My, now 5 & 6 year old, went through hitting phase when they were about 3 & 4. They would hit each other non-stop. It would drive me crazy because no matter how many times we explained that we have to keep our hands to ourselves, they wouldn't listen. It lasted a while but they finally got the idea when I would sit them down and I would play with them and show them how we communicate and not hit, we are gentle. Nice. and always with a good attitude. If we get mad, we walk away and breathe. Daniel Tiger and Mister Roger's Neighborhood helped a lot during those times of violence.