Reply to Anxiety about walking toddler

Definitely baby proof, if all the dangerous things are put up and the only things she can get into is toys, then let her play and dump them all out. I have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old and I don’t really have a set schedule, just kind of a routine I like to follow. Starts with breakfast for both, then nap for 6 month old and independent play for 2 year old. Usually by the time the baby wakes it’s about time for lunch, so I’ll let 2 yr old watch tv and 6 month old will play on the floor. After more play they both nap, and usually wake up just before dinner prep. But I’m not always at home with them, so we try to follow this same thing when we are out at family’s house. And it will get easier, my 2 yr old very rarely gets into something she isn’t supposed to anymore