Reply to Super fussy baby at night 1months old don’t know what to do please help!!!😭😭😭😭

My advice if you want to continue to breastfeed don’t supplement with formula unless necessary! It will affect your supply and you’ll have to supplement more and more. At one month baby is very likely growth spurting and/or trying to build up your supply up! They do this mainly at night. I personally coslept for the first 6 months with my second son (now 10 months old). It was soooo much easier than with my first (my first i used a bassinet). I know cosleeping makes some people nervous.... but they have options out there like getting a cosleeper that sits on top of your bed. Just make your sleeping arrangements as easy on yourself as possible.... for both you and your baby’s sake. Over time it will get easier... remember baby is only 1 month old. They are still in the newborn phase. Good luck momma!