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2.5 year old stopped drinking milk

My whole family moved to another country. All of a sudden, my 2.5 year old girl looked disgusted with her milk. I don't know any reason why she stopped. She has the same milk. She is allergic to cow's milk so she has almond milk since after 1 year old.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 26

    Could be a lot of reasons, maybe she's just realizing she doesn't like it 🤷 I remember when I was 3 or so I just had a realization one day that I didn't like cheese ( I know, weird) and I stopped eating it. Since you aren't really getting vit. D or calcium from almond milk it shouldn't be a big deal to switch it to something else, or just plain water is good too

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Aug 26

    My 23 month old decided she hates milk (from all sources) as well. It’s normal. Sometimes they just decide they don’t want something. My daughter will only drink water and sometimes juice (but won’t finish, no matter the volume).