Reply to Marriage Difficulties- Business comes first

I have my own business and so does my husband so I understand the complexities that come with this situation. Both of us work at home a lot and both of us have some travel as well. In my experience when you own your own business you need to get really good at setting healthy boundaries in order to reduce stress. Ultimately, this both allows you to prioritize the people you love and be more successful (because you are working in a better state, not exhausted etc). Caring conversations about setting healthier boundaries around work life help a lot. It also sounds like you may want to focus on what you want to do to have your needs for more social time/less alone time met in other ways so you don’t feel like you’ve lost control and independence (eg have friends over even on weeknights) and that the support of a professional who works with couples could be a huge help in having both your needs met. Wishing you all the best.