Reply to Custody

I just went through it. Majority of the time it goes to the mother but I settled with joint custody but I have the power of decision making and primary residency. You can propose a schedule of who has him when and try to agree on it. It may be hard to get full custody without showing he's an unfit father. I had a lot that showed my son's father to be irresponsible and lack of judgement and still got joint. Now he has him every other weekend, every other Monday, and every other Thursday. Pretty good schedule and I have him more. If you ask for joint but you have the power of decision making your son's father might settle because he will think he has some power due to it being joint but in the end it's all you. I hope this helps. PS. I recommend getting a real lawyer not a public defender. Mine did nothing the first three times and my new one got my ex to agree to what I wanted the first time he rep me.