Reply to ADHD pre-teen

I kinda giggled at this post because your not alone! My daughter is the same way in some aspects and my mother would say “look in the mirror”!! 😓😓 my daughter has grown up with adults most of her life and only kid time is at school. The kids don’t get her personality and her sense of humor. She is to smart for her own good and talks to others as she was an adult. It’s so frustrating sometimes because I see she is mimicking me! As for the ADHD her teachers thought she should be tested turns out she had sleep Apnea. She was tired everyday and her behavior was out of control! The best thing I have seen that works is getting her involved with sports, setting up “social dates or sleep overs”, having her meet with her school counselor every week, and we are starting family counseling as well. I hope this helps!