Reply to Raising kids as vegetarians

My parents tried to raise me as a vegetarian and it didn’t work to well and I usually felt like an outsider and weird as a kid. I was personally not a fan. As an adult I do eat meat but not a lot and certainly not much red meat. However I’m not raising my son to be either. I give him the option and see what he decides to eat. My dad is still a full vegetarian so the meat substitutes and tofu etc is always around in the house alone with the food that my mom and I eat. I tried the entire no junk food thing but same as you my in laws give him junk food. He doesn’t see them much so I just let it go for the occasional weekend here and there. Luckily for me he loves his fruits and veggies best and will usually choose them over most food. Do what you feel is right however I personally wouldn’t say that they can’t or aren’t allowed to eat meat once they are a little older. I would let them choose for themselves.