Reply to How do I get my kids to respect their belongings?

I absolutely agree with fellow posters! Respect and responsibility. If their shoes, gloves, toys ETC are broken or lost or destroyed, than well it’s their own doing. I would let them know, that’s the only thing they are able to have or shoes or whatever the item is, and they can’t have a new set for a while. We tell our son if he can’t treat his things nicely, than we will give it to someone else who will appreciate it. And I actually tell that to my dogs too. If they destroy it or don’t want it- I can give it to a dog at the humane society. Granted our children aren’t dogs- though I consider mine to be just as much my children as my human babies!!! Any how, give them a consiquence and follow through. If the gloves are lost, they have full option to find them and get to use both sets of the gloves, or deal with the fact their hands are going to be cold until they either find their gloves or learn not to lose the next pair. As far as the shoes go- shoes are washable, but they need to learn to respect them as well. We make a point with our son, that he needs to respect his belongings or we take them away. We give him an opportunity to make a decision - and decide if he wants to take care of it, or not, and then we follow through on this action which we’ve told him we will do. Kids need to know there are consequences for their actions. Whether it be taking it away or once it’s broke, well it’s broke and that’s just too bad until they get to get a new one. We are also not financially off to buy brand new all the time, or over and over again. We are a one income family, and have expectations which our son has been held too since day one. They aren’t helpless blimps that can’t learn and understand. Stay strong and give them consequences!!