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I tell my son that families come in many different shapes and sizes some with one parent or two dads or two moms or even no mom or dad , what matters is that you are surrounded by people that love you very much and we are thankful that we have the family that we do. I never talk negatively about his biological father (although he is a real piece of work ) to him because that would be very hurtful. I know that eventually the day will come that he is old enough to decide if he wants to seek out his biological father and when that day is here I will just hope to have raised a strong and confident and loving son that will not be hurt by his donors absence from his life and I know that he will be smart enough to realize that his life has been far better off without him. And in the meantime I make it a point to do every possible thing a dad would do with a son so that my son will never feel that he got short changed while growing up.