Reply to My son needs a male figure—- his dad sucks!!!

OmG you just explained my LIFE to a tee! I kind of understand that it’s hard and maybe they are used to or were expecting something different with their kids but at the same time they are your f-ing kids. I get so mad bc our boy truly has trouble with control his behavior and it’s NOT HIS FAULT! Yes he can do it at times but that doesn’t mean he’s going to do it daily. Some days are way worse such as full moons and new moons. I have researched everything I could and found something called advanced TRS it’s a detox of heavy metals and also can heal the gut. Well I’m praying that come in one tax time I can get him a six month supply and help his behavior and get my boy back. He wasn’t as he is today as a baby. This didn’t start until 18 months or so and that’s when their relationship changed drastically. The lack of patience is outrageous. I get the frustration as I am at times too especially when I’m being hit and he’s having a tantrum and throwing stuff etc. but it too shall pass and I get his (hubby) saying he’s just going to get bigger and hit harder but what am I supposed to do? I have done everything I could thus far and the TRS is my last hope. I always thought that it was just my man who didn’t have the ability to handle this. I’m so sorry your going through this I know exactly how much you love your boys and want to see your boys have same relationship with their dad as your baby girl does. I hope that putting my son in classes such as gymnastics and karate will help him in every way that his own dad doesn’t. I hope things get better for you and your boys. I believe it’s harder for boys to have a struggling relationship with their dads bc they so desperately desire their attention. Best regards to you and your family. 🤗 (hugs)