Reply to Great father, bad husband.

I would say to put up a large sign in the house or on the bathroom mirror for a while that reads ‘pick ur battles’ then I would change the schedules around so u spend less time together for a month or two such as take some city recreational classes in the evening or something so To give each other a break from the war and miss each other a bit too... irritability is contagious and only ends when someone surrenders for a while and plays the hero or u break up. This is the only thing that has kept our 15 year relationship together. Only u know how bad it is so only u can decide when to leave but one should avoid making long term decisions when they’re clouded by emotions . Also I’m a strong believer in weaning away from any potentially traumatic situations but don’t torture yourselves forever either Goodluck to you and yours and remember to tell yourself in all uncomfortable situations the phrase ... ‘ This too shall pass’