Reply to Anyone have any luck getting Sole and legal custody

This a mistake a lot of people make in assuming they have more rights over the child than the other parent. Child support is a separate issue than custody or visitation. While you can file for sole custody on your own having a lawyer will help because they know your states laws. Also if you can prove the dad has been in and out of her life. My nieces mom disappeared when she was 22 months old left her with my Brother in law. According to their divorce she was supposed to have most of the custody so when he took her back in to revise the parenting plan she didn’t show up. He hadn’t heard from her in almost a year and had no way to contact her. The judge automatically gave him full legal custody and her visitation rights where when he said where he said and for how long. My niece is now 10 and her dad has had full custody of her for 8 years. He didn’t use a lawyer it just helps.