Reply to “The talk”

I mean no disrespect here, but hopefully you (or someone) have been having these conversations with your daughter for awhile now....having said that the points you want to make are really good ones and are in my opinion best taught by example. Also, while my dad always made it clear to me I could talk to him about sex I never, ever did. It was too weird and embarrassing to get into details with him and in the end those were conversations I had with my mom and sisters. So I would definitely also discuss with your ex wife (as long as you’re on good terms) and make sure she’s also having these conversations with her. One thing my dad did that was really sweet was he often took time to just talk and listen to me. Whether it was taking me out to a fancy dinner or going on a bike ride or hiking or just a simple chat at the kitchen table. By his example I expected any man who showed interest in me to do the same. Give me undivided attention and conversation and genuinely want to learn about me and my interests. If you’re not doing those things yet you could maybe start there. Another thing I heard recently was someone (I don’t remember if they were an actor/musician/etc) giving an interview and they were saying that they invested a lot of time up front with their kids just having fun with them and engaging in activities they enjoy with the mindset that there’s always time for relationships, sex, etc but for now just have fun and enjoy being young. I like that approach as well. I guess what I’m saying is that “the talk” doesn’t have to be a talk at all, but instead a myriad of fabulous memories where you show through example how to live your best life. Good luck!!