Reply to Aggressive playing toddler?

What you are describing is typical toddler “destructive play” and from what I’ve read/learned will continue throughout toddlerhood (not just during one part). Toddlerhood is most often considered the ages 1-3 so your 2.5 year old is exactly where this behavior fits. This is a huge part of learning! Yes it reinforces cause and effect but it also incorporates gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object permanence, problem solving, etc. This sort of play is good for your toddler but there are many ways for you to manage it as some of the parents discussed. Make zones where it’s okay and discuss where it is not. So your toddler likes to rip paper. Remove the important papers and say that’s for whomever it is important to and replace with old newspapers/magazines your toddler is free to rip. Your toddler will eventually learn to respect this. There are many ways like this to encourage this learning while teaching the wanted behaviors.