Reply to I’ve read through quite a few posts but still need advice

Your 9 year old should be fine... bring some books to read or activity books.. whatever you can bring that they would like to do. Bring some gum for them to chew on for takeoff and landing (ear pressure). For your 2 year old, do they still have a pacifier? My son still had his when we recently went on a plane and we just gave that to him for takeoff and landing and he was fine. As far as keeping him occupied? That was a different story. We brought his tablet, some books, some car toys, and those water wow coloring books. For the most part he was fine. He is the type of kid that doesn’t like to sit still for very long so he did get restless a few times and wanted off the plane. Try to get them by the window to watch takeoff and landing. That will occupy them for a few min as it is really cool to see that you are flying. If your 2 year old is like mine and likes to run everywhere, maybe bring an umbrella stroller (super light weight and easy to fold and carry around). If you don’t have one, you can get them for really cheap used online (letgo, OfferUp or Facebook marketplace). You can use the umbrella stroller all the way up to the gate and check it at the gate. They will have it waiting for you when you land. Or since you will have family with you that might not be a problem. And bring lots of snacks!!! As far as car seats and booster seats go... not sure what your plan is with that. We have only flown to visit family and they always had a car seat waiting for us so we didn’t have to worry about lugging it onto the plane or checking it.