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2hr/day care?

Does there exist some sort of daycare that's about 2hrs per day? I'm at home with our almost 13 month old daughter and looking for something where she can get more consistent interaction with other kids (and adults too). I already have a mommy and me group, but that's only once/twice a week. Most of the daycare options are for half/full days and I'm not looking to drop her off for that much time.

  • Chelsa
    Nov 02

    There are drop in daycare options. I’m not sure what they look like, but you could always ask the daycares that you’re close to and see what they offer. Another local mom group I’m in had a post about needing to go to dr or dentist appts, but didn’t have someone to watch baby, several recommended drop in daycare. I’m not sure if you’re looking to get out to run errands and/or do some self care while someone is watching her for a couple hours, but our family just joined the YMCA so I can start working out again (I’m not a weight lifter but I want to start swimming again and use the group activities). My husband and I would like to go together sometimes, but we have two little boys. The Y has childcare you can use for 2 hours while you’re doing any activity there, and it’s with the cost of your membership. Maybe there’s a local gym or something similar you could use.

  • Ingrid
    Nov 02

    Our gym has a childcare but so far our daughter hasn't been so keen on it. 75% of the time she cries once my husband or I leave and we have to pick her up asap. I'm currently a stay-at-home and my husband works at home, so she's gotten a lot of time with us since she's born so we're hoping that more activities and interactions with other kids and people in general will be fun and good for her. That's the main reason, though I would LOVE to be able to get a few hours extra time for myself during the week too :)

  • B
    Nov 02

    She’s def going to cry when dropped at any daycare until she bonds with the teacher, etc. If it were me, I would think about a daycare for half days like two days a week, or increase the classes you take (music, gymnastics, etc). But that can get expensive fast.

  • MartCela
    Nov 09

    Hi, what city are you in?

  • Jenn
    Dec 05

    You mentioned your gym has childcare. Take two weeks and focus on that. Drop her off quickly (dragging it out will only make separation worse) and wait until they need you. The goal is to extend the amount of time she's there before you go get her. It'll be boring for you but once she gets comfortable, she'll get the social interaction you're wanting and you'll get to work out again without worrying.