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2nd child. I am having my second child (both boys), what will I need? Boys will be 21 months apart.


A double stroller? A high chair (or will my older son be out of his), a crib (or will my older son be out of his by the time the new baby moves out of our room at 6 months) etc.

  • Kieli
    Apr 11

    I’m not entirely sure but here’s what I’m planning, a few months ago I changed my daughters crib to a toddler bed with a rail to get her used to it because she will be 23 months when her little sister is born. We plan on getting her a twin bed once our second is about 6 months (so our oldest will be about 2.5 years old). I don’t want to get a double stroller yet, I was planning on getting my oldest one of those stroller trikes that change into a trike as she grows and then wearing the baby. But that’s just what I think would work best for me personally

  • Amanda
    Apr 11

    Most of that depends on personal preference. My kids are 25 mo apart. I don't like double strollers. I gotta collapsible wagon for toddler and supplies then wear the baby. We transitioned my son into a big boy bed 3 months after the baby was born because he wanted to. The baby slept next to our bed in a bassinet until the transition. My son is tall enough to sit at the table without a high chair or booster so he does. We also potty trained him at about that time so we'd only have 1 in diapers. It's all about what you want and how your kiddo handles change.

  • Nicol
    Apr 11

    A massage or two!

  • Lily
    Apr 11

    I will have two girls 22 months apart. My older one has always wanted to be a big girl, so she doesn't use a high chair anymore. As for the stroller, I plan on baby wearing. I think it is just important to remember that baby number 2 won't be doing much of anything until 3 ish months you got time to figure things out:)

  • K
    Apr 11

    I had twin girls when my son was 2.5. He was in a toddler bed since he was 15 mth bc he was climbing out of his crib. But, we knew we needed his crib, so we transitioned him before the girls came. He loved his new bed and the foam bumpers are amazing. Even with my huge belly I was able to lay with him and they went right back into shape. As for high chair, you have a few months. My son was out of his high chair before 2 and in a chair booster. The bumbo with a tray can do double duty bc he could use it at the table without the tray and you can also put the insert back in and put the tray on it for your little one to use when you are over someone’s house.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 15

    I had my first two 17 months apart, and my second and third 20 months apart. I got a double stroller, an extra cheap booster seat and that has worked well. Other purchases that happened sooner than normal were transitioning the older one to a toddler bed (or getting a new crib), getting a new car seat, and another baby monitor. I had one in my room for baby and one in the older ones room. I also potty trained if the child was 18 months of age before the next one came so I could reduce diaper load and cost. I hope some of this helps.